Noorani Qaida with Tajweed

Students currently enrolled
Students currently enrolled

Learn Noorani Qaida (The Foundation Course)

Welcome to the MY QURAN TUTOR Basic Qaida Course. This course is designed for kids to learn Noorani Qaida online fluently and without any difficulty. Not everyone is a master of the Arabic language or a native speaker, which is why we offer this course to facilitate learning. It’s an ideal Quran learning opportunity for beginners, especially kids. We proudly present it as the best course for beginners of all ages.

This course is designed specifically for kids who struggle with accurately pronouncing the Quranic words (Ayaat). It aims to help children read with perfect pronunciation and confidence. Our commitment is to support your child’s development in this course, and you will see significant improvements in their performance. In addition to learning basic Noorani Qaida, children also learn daily supplications (Duas/Prayers) to enrich their knowledge.


Why Choose Us for Learning Noorani Qaida

We have exceptional Quran teachers who specialize in teaching children the exact phonetic sounds of Quranic letters (Phonemes). Our academy excels in presenting Arabic Qaida fluently. This introductory course helps children grasp the basic rules of Quranic reading, the sounds of Arabic alphabets (Phonemes), and various symbols. Both children and adults are welcome to join this course, as age is not a barrier to learning. Anyone experiencing doubts or difficulties in Quranic recitation should contact us promptly. This foundational Qaida course is specifically tailored for beginners, ensuring no time is wasted in their valuable learning journey.


  •  Arabic Alphabet (according to Arabic Phonology),
  •  Understanding the shapes of letters,
  •  Huruf-e-Mufradaat (Individual letters and sounds),
  •  Change in the pronunciation of similar-sounding letters,
  •  Introduction to Tanween (Ghunah),
  • Short Vowel (Harakat),
  • Throat letters, including full mouth, soft and sharp letters,
  • Sukoon (Jazam),
  • Noon Sakin and Tanween (Izhaar, Ikhffa),
  • · Kinds of Madd,
  • · Tafkhim & Tarqeeq of Laam – Raa, and the list goes on.


The duration of this course is not scheduled. Definitely, it is up to the students how speedily they want it. We often find students sometimes very active and sometimes having a slower pace. That’s the reason why we don’t decide on the proper schedule. At the same time, the duration of each class is roundabout 30 minutes. Notably, we heartedly want our students to grow at a good pace so that they may learn Quran with Tajweed in the detailed classes then. Our Students have no need to revise noorani Qaida again and again.


Indeed, we offer fluent basic Quran reading lessons. Once mastered, students progress to learning Quranic recitation with proper Tajweed in subsequent classes. We welcome both adults and children of all ages to learn Qaida with basic Tajweed. As mentioned in a Hadith from Sahih Bukhari, “Learn the Quran and teach it to others.” It’s the perfect time to register yourself and choose a plan that suits your needs. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed for everyone interested.