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Learning Islamic studies online is crucial for both kids and adults. Without knowledge of the chronological history of Islam, Muslims may feel lost in discussions. This course offers an opportunity to study authentic Islamic teachings under professional, degree-holding teachers. It’s the best investment you can make. In an age of innovation, ignorance still exists; this course aims to enlighten minds and develop reasoning within the faith. Each live interactive class provides valuable opportunities to engage with Ph.D. scholars and enhance your understanding.


Who is this course meant for?

This is an online Islamic study class for both children and adults, with separate sessions for males and females. It addresses all aspects and needs, encompassing a comprehensive code of life in Islam and covering traditional religious teachings.

Our teachers help students understand the blessings and benefits of Islam. For kids, we provide an easy script with pictorial aids, audio-visual tools, objective exercises, award ceremonies, quiz competitions, and more. Islamic studies with Quran tutors are simple and accessible, making this course ideal for those who can read and write proficiently.

Islam As Complete Code Of Life

Islam teaches more than just ethical values; it covers social, political, and economic aspects as well. Islamic Jurisprudence helps understand laws related to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and more. While many religions exist, we choose Islam for its comprehensive services benefiting humanity. Understanding the differences between the rights of men and women in Islam becomes clear with online Islamic education.

Additionally, our female teachers emphasize the dignity of both genders, boosting confidence in girls as they learn social norms and responsibilities. Our Quran tutors offer inclusive classes with professional female teachers, providing an environment where girls can learn one-on-one with fluent Q&A sessions.


The syllabus offers a wide variety of books tailored to both kids and adults, organized according to their aptitude.


Seerat Un Nabbi, Taleem Ul Islam, Tarikh Ul Islam, Alaikum Bi Sunnati


Seerat Un Nabbi, Bahshti Zewar, Hadith (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmzi, Dawood, And Ibne Majah)

KIDS SPECIAL:  Our top tutors teach kids how to pray and memorize the six Kalimas as foundational elements. They learn about Islamic life and the importance of following the Sunnah. Additionally, they become familiar with daily supplications, understanding what to do and what to avoid.