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Students currently enrolled

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Learn Tafsir and Translation online with proper rules and discipline at Quran Tutors. We pride ourselves on being a leading institution in our region for Quran Tafsir education. MyQuranTutor provides top-quality Tafsir classes that thoroughly cover the meanings and understanding of verses.

Certainly, the holy Quran contains the words of Allah, conveying His commands and messages. As Muslims, it is our duty to follow these teachings and understand their impact on human life. Through studying Tafsir and attending detailed classes, one will gain comprehensive knowledge of the Quran, its beliefs, and its commandments.


Easiest Way of Understanding Quran Tafseer

Have you noticed that many people lack the skills to understand the Quran because they are not proficient in Arabic? Encourage yourself to learn Quran Tafsir online with My Quran Tutor and deepen your understanding of the themes behind its verses.

We provide the best online teachers who offer classes in English, Urdu, and Arabic. It’s truly rewarding to embark on the journey of learning the Quran verse by verse! Mastery of Quranic recitation is a prerequisite for this course. Once you achieve proficiency in reciting the Quran, maintaining high spirits and achieving better results will become easier.

You can also take classes for Quran Translation Online

Learning the Quran without understanding its meaning is meaningless; hence, it is essential for everyone to learn Quran translation. The Quran, the divine book of Allah, serves as the ultimate guide for humanity. Since it is written in Arabic, it is imperative for all to comprehend its meanings and messages. Those who read it without understanding make no significant progress in life.

We sincerely offer the best Quran and translation classes, as well as online Tafseer courses.

Once students complete their scheduled classes, they will understand how figures of speech like metaphors and similes contextualize the meaning of the Holy Quran in Arabic. Additionally, we offer the services of both male and female Quran teachers who assist newcomers in developing their cognitive skills.

“So when somebody reads the Quran, listen to it and pay focused attention; you may receive mercy.” Quran 7: 204

Why to Choose Online Quran Tafseer Classes?

In this course, students will learn the Dos and Don’ts of Tafsir and develop the capability to uncover insights in their studies. Did you know that Allah has provided explanations for every problem and its solution in the Quran? Those who study it thoroughly will discover the essential principles for life according to Islam.

Chalo Masjid provides services with both male and female teachers.