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Beautiful Recitation of the Quran is something we all wish to achieve, whether you’re a child taking your first steps on the path of learning, or an adult trying to expand your knowledge of the Holy Quran through your recitation.

Learning to recite beautifully can be difficult, though, and that’s where Jammiaalquran’s experienced tutors are here to help. At Jammiaalquran online Quran classes, we believe the cornerstone of success is our teachers and those who impart knowledge, and we know that you want the best for yourself and your children as they learn the Holy Quran.

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Getting yourself or your loved ones familiarized with the teachings of the holy Quran doesn’t have to be a hassle. This is the reason why Quran Learn Academy has developed an extremely easy to understand online registration process you can go through to get yourself or your children registered. Just follow these steps to get things on the way.

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Just click on "Register Online" to open the registration tab. There, input your basic information, including your name, residential address, and contact details. After entering these essential details, your registration process will be complete.

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Once we receive your registration request, we will contact you to schedule your free trial class. Additionally, we will provide information about our Quran teaching methods and share some details about our organization.

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Begin your Quran learning journey by logging in with the credentials we provide, and start your first class with our Quran teachers.

Why Choose us?

The Chalo Masjid has been guiding Muslims in understanding the teachings of the Holy Quran and living according to Islamic principles. We take pride in our mission to help our brothers and sisters become good Muslims. Our step-by-step process, designed with the objective of teaching our students correctly, aims to help you learn the Quran with Tajweed comprehensively. With the convenience of online classes, you can choose timings that best fit your schedule, learn from the comfort of your home, and receive guidance from our experienced Quran teachers at any time. Even if you are on holiday with your children, our online Quran learning keeps you connected with us every day. Our expert Quranic teachers value everyone’s time, ensuring punctuality and never missing a class. You can rest assured that once you start these online Quran classes with us, you will be reading the Quran fluently in no time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven’t  covered in the answers below.

Yes. You can learn Quran online from an Egyptian teacher as long as the teacher is experienced in teaching Quran. They should have excellent Tajweed and recitation skills and in depth understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary. They should also be qualified and experienced teachers with a passion for helping students excel. 

You cannot put a value on the number of days it will take to learn the Quran. Some students learn quickly and begin to master recitation within a few months, while others take longer.  Generally, learning and memorising the Quran takes two years. When it is learned much quicker, the information isn’t always retained.  

Fully memorising and understanding the language of the Quran can take two to three years.  With the right Quran recitation classes online, you can begin comprehending Quran Arabic in around three months. However, it helps to understand basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary before starting.

Quran should be read clearly and at the appropriate pace so that those listening can hear it.  You should not sing or cry while reading Quran. Proper recitation is vital, which is why you take the time to learn Tajweed. 

Before closing the Quran, you should end your reading with Saddaqallahul Adheem (Allah has spoken the truth).  

Excellent Tajweed and recitation skills are vital in online Egyptian Quran teachers. Good communication skills and a desire to see students excel are also necessary, as is an in-depth understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary. Suitable qualifications and experience are also desirable.  

You should start your reading with Tauz (aoodhubillahi minashaytan nir rajeem) and Tasmia  (bismillah arrahman nirraheem). 

Yes. While the Quran is available in many different languages, it needs to be read and memorised in its original Arabic for you to gain the depth of its meaning. 

By finding excellent Quran teachers from Egypt online through a course provider like  Jammiaalquran. Our teachers are fully qualified and dedicated to helping their students attain their goals. We begin with basic grammar and vocabulary and teach correct recitation through Tajweed.

The easiest way to learn Quran is with Quranic Arabic classes taught by experienced and dedicated tutors. Look for classes taught by native speakers who take an immersive communicative approach and are dedicated to teaching and learning. 


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